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Digital BOND forms. [Closed]

Arnie Puckett
on 9/10/18, 1:56 PM 91 views

The Question has been closed for reason: Support Item

Shawn Barcus

Has there ever been any discussions about adding a feature in Jail Tracker to allow a bond to be generated in Jail Tracker or a program that Jail Tracker would be able to push information out too? It would be nice to get awa from the hand written bonds and have a digital copy in the inmate file for various reasons.




Shawn Barcus

--Shawn Barcus--

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Glasgow, United States
--Shawn Barcus--
Shawn Barcus
On 9/10/18, 8:19 PM


Unfortunately those forms are the property of AOC and we cannot add them to JailTracker without written consent from them. We have had a few Jailers try to get this in the past but they were not able to get the permission. I am not sure the reasons why just that the AOC told them it was not allowed. It is not that it can not be done it is just not legal for us to do without their consent.

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