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What is the purpose of the "Allow Mail" drop-down option? [Closed]

Tina Perkins-Draper
on 9/13/18, 8:26 PM 93 views

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Shawn Barcus

When adding a new contact, there is an option to "Allow Mail" via a drop-down list.  Selecting "Yes" does not add that contact to the "Mail From (sender)" list in the inmate mail log.  What does the "Allow Mail" drop-down do? 



Shawn Barcus

--Shawn Barcus--

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Glasgow, United States
--Shawn Barcus--
Shawn Barcus
On 9/13/18, 8:34 PM


This option is nothing more than a flag in the Contacts list to show if that contact is allowed to send mail in to that Offender. There is no other functionality built with it nor does it show anywhere else in JailTracker unless a report is built to do so.

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