JailTracker provides a fully integrated, GAAP compliant, Financial Management System specifically designed to meet the unique challenges that jail facilities face. This industry leading system provides Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Purchasing and Inventory while managing both Commissary and inmate funds functions.

Commissary Management

JailTracker’s Commissary Management solution facilitates bulk data-entry of commissary orders. This can be achieved both within the system or through seamless integration with over 100 3rd party software products.

The Commissary Management function is fully integrated with the JailTracker Accounting module, improving the efficiency of the commissary process and reducing manpower requirements for processing commissary orders.

Financial Reporting

Reports play a key role in successfully managing a dynamic enterprise such as a jail facility. Effective reports, together with alerts, provide the ability to set metrics and manage by exceptions.

  • A key management tool is the ability to summarize and highlight problem areas providing critical statistics and financial information.

JailTracker financial reporting function provides:

  • A library of standard Financial reports
  • The ability to configure reports as required
  • The ability for users to create their own ad hoc reports
  • The ability to view reports on-screen, printed out and distributed by email or messenger in pdf, excel and other formats
  • The ability to use JailTracker’s Scheduling function to have selected reports automatically generated and distributed on a set date.

The solution also integrates seamlessly with a wide range of 3rd party interfaces and systems.

Financial Data Repository

Inmate, facility, and general financial information is captured and stored by JailTracker in a central repository. Information in this repository is available to authorized users for:

  • Display on user dashboards
  • Triggering workflow processes
  • Use in scheduled and ad hoc reporting
  • Use by analysts during financial audits

JailTracker also utilizes repository data during data entry to populate fields and to trigger automated notifications and for use with 3rd part integration tools which require data two way data transerfs.

Alerts and reminders can be directed to multiple individuals in the form of dashboard notifications, internal or external emails, and texts.